Cotes Catalanes Blanc 2014

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An excellent example of Caroline Bonville’s award winning white wine that draws out all the advantages of the macabeo grape. Hurry, she only makes 4,000 each year and most of that goes to the local residents!  This is a serious winemaker that represents the future of French wine.  Lovely unctuous wine with a really fresh aftertaste.  An environmentally conscious “Green” wine producer that more than fulfils the promise. We will be sourcing more of her wines next year.

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Partner: Mas Karolina
Vintage: 2014
Tasting Notes: A dry white wine with a soft spicy nose accompanies by aniseed and fennel notes.  Soft in the mouth, unctuous, with flavours of vanilla and toast and a lovely fresh finish.
Classification: VDP Côtes Catalanes
Grape: Grenache Gris 50% Grenache Blanc 10% Macabeo 40%
Strength: 14%
Serve at: Chilled 4°C
Serve with: Fish, especially shellfish, oysters.  White meats including strong white meets such as pork or rabbit
Soil: Black Marl
Yield: 21 hectolitres/hectare
Cultivation: acquisition Caroline Bonville has completely altered the methods of cultivation with a green, environmental approach.  A balance organic manure is used each year in lieu of chemical fertilisers and organic interventions (planting of species) is used to control weed growth to avoid chemical weedkillers.  The soil is regularly managed to ensure the required aeration of the soil to produce a good microbial environment for root growth.  Manual pruning (old fashioned Goblet pruning) and clearing of the vines is carried out throughout the season as required.  Grapes are hand picked using traditional wicker cagettes and initially sorted for quality at the vines to ensure only the very best grapes are used.
Vinification: Pneumatic pressing of the entire grape allowed to clarify at low temperature in thermo-regulated steel tanks.  Yeast induced fermentation controlled at between 16°C and 18°C in the tanks followed by final blending and fermentation in barrels for 10 months on their lees.

1 review for Cotes Catalanes Blanc 2014

  1. tim.westacott

    A lovely bright, light white wine with plenty of flavours to whet the appetite.

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