Maghani 2012


Wow!  This is a different wine and the flagship wine from Mr. Valette.  Like all his wines it is a pure, certified biodynamic wine for which even the production methods (listed below) are very different.  This is an unusual wine that will take you to a completely new wine experience.  It is ready for drinking but will also lay down for 20, possibly more years.  Not really for an aperitif, this wine needs to be balanced with food to really enjoy it.  I am a strong convert to Mr. Valette’s wine and if you are interested in an exceptional quality, unusual wine, this is for you.  Definitely for the adventurous and not for the faint-hearted.  Try his other wines as well, they are all incredible value for the price.

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Partner: Canet-Valette
Vintage: 2012
Tasting Notes: Strong, pungent, earthy nose of berries, chocolate and peonies that confirm its biodynamic certification.  Full and rounded in the mouth with strong flavours of red berries.  With maturation the flavour develops more complex notes of morello cherries, spices and tobacco.  It has strong but balanced tanins and an excellent, soft finish.
Classification: AOC Saint-Chinian (Certified Bio Wine by Ecocert, France)
Grape: Syrah 50% Mourvèdre 50%
Strength: 14%
Serve at: Recommended temperature 18°C
Serve with: Strong flavoured dishes, beef joints (esp. Côte de boeuf), casseroles, venison and other game, woodcocks, Spiced roast goose with candied fruits, blue and other strong flavoured cheeses.
Soil: Chalky clay
Yield: 20 hectolitres/hectare
Cultivation: Bio certified production (5 inspections per year) with zero chemical intervention and based on traditional manual methods without machinery partly due to the terroir slopes.  Manual pruning and harvesting.
Vinification: Pressed traditionally with the entire grape. 36 months of fermentation of which 24 months for 50% of the juice is in barrels.  No fining or filtration prior to bottling.


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