Domaine Emile Grelier 2015

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A great addition to our range and one we hope you will enjoy as much as we do.  My favourite grape, Merlot, grown organically by a couple that are determined to build a business while respecting tradition and their environment.  Benoit and Delphine have introduced many measures to ensure their wine is as organic as possible and it is already certified by Ecocert (see certification marks on the rear label of the bottle) an incredibly difficult certification to achieve, they join the ranks of Canet-Valette in our listings.

We are keen to unearth as many bio-dynamic wines as we can but they have to meet our taste test and this one does that and more.  The soft round flavours of the merlot grape are much in evidence but the wine retains high complexity and will continue to improve for many years to come.

The introduction of trees among the vines to introduce bats to control the insect population is only one measure they are pursuing.  Testing of temperature (by mulching and insulation) on the work ethic of French worms is another.  To control the bats, they also act as a refuge for injured owls! These are seriously ecologically aware wine producers whose rich, authentic balanced product should be tried

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Partner: Domaine Emile Grelier
Vintage: 2015
Tasting Notes:
A bold yet smooth wine with an undisguised and complex attack on the palette with aromas of cinnamon, white and pink pepper, blackcurrant, wild blackberry and peony. 2015 is an excellent vintage for this wine.
Classification: Bordeaux Supérieur
Grape: 100% Merlot
Strength: 14%
Serve at: Room temperature 16°C to 18°C
Serve with: Game dishes, grilled meats even with strong sauces, strong cheeses
Yield: 50 hl/ha
Soil: Combination of blue and silty clay
Cultivation: The entire cultivation process is monitored and certified as Organic Farming by Ecocert (Agriculture Biologique) and the approved marks are visible on bottle labels.  Great care is taken in both the cultivation and management of the vines which are trained to a height of 1.4m and pruned using a short “Cordon de Royat” method which encourages small bunches of small grapes to ensure an excellent relationship between the grape skin and its juice, perfect for denser wines.

Additionally, Benoit and Delphie are introducing fruit trees in the vines to encourage further wildlife (bats) that help manage the insect population (consuming 50% of their own body weight each night!)

The soil is turned in two out of three rows each year and then rotated each year to maintain durability and avoid overworking of the soil.  Mowing is limited to preserve a pleasant yet natural environment that is improved with regular sowing of plants between the rows to provide additional natural nutrients to enrich the soil and vines.

Vinification: The presence of trees enforce mixed harvesting methods of manual and mechanical. Grapes are sorted and selected to remove any impurities to protect the grape skins prior to their fermentation with their juice in large vats. The maceration lasts about 3 weeks under a temperature controlled regime. Racking (pouring the juice off from the lees) is carefully controlled to disturbing the wine as little as possible. The wine is not oaked but allowed to mature naturally.


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