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After considerable research in the Epernay and Reims region we finally settled on Michel Fagot as our first supplier.  The champagne is excellent, dry and has a very fine mousse which is persistent and has strong flavour.  Most importantly it is one of our organic selection.  Organic champagne is difficult to produce as the parcels of grapes are generally smaller than a standard domain grape grower.  Olivier Fagot and his team go to great lengths to ensure the champagne gets to you untouched by any man made chemical intervention.  A superb entry champagne that represent tremendous value for money.



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Partner: Champagne Michel Fagot
Vintage: Non Vintage (Based on 2010 grape)
Tasting Notes: A light golden yellow color with a long-lasting effervescence giving birth to an abundant mousse. The nose rapidly exhales aromas of stewed fruit and red fruit (cherry, pomegranate) nuanced by aromas of dried fruit. A rather lively attack on the palate and a pleasant taste in the mouth. The wine reveals a fine balance between sugar and acidity as well as fruity and floral notes. Soft finish with delicate flavors of red fruits and fresh almond. A Champagne to be drunk at any time to share your best moments!
Classification: Champagne
Grape: Chardonnay (33%), Pinot Noir (33%), Pinot Meunier (34%)
Strength: 12%
Serve at: Recommended temperature 6°C
Serve with: Great on its own as an aperitif. This dry and harmonious, high-quality Champagne will be perfect as an accompaniment to white fish or a French Comté or similar semi hard cheeses.
Soil: A clay-limestone soil on the hillside of Villers Allerand and Rilly-la-Montagne on the Montagne de Reims, exclusively from Premier Cru terroir.
Dosage: 5.45 gr/l sugar
Cultivation: Traditional and careful manual harvesting with grapes sorted at collection and prior to pressing
Vinification: At harvest, mature and russet grapes are carefully transported to either traditional or modern presses.   The extracted juice is divided into the premier cuvée (the first pressed juice) the taille and finally the rebèche (last pressed juice). Sometimes taking more than 3 hours of controlled gentle pressure, the premier cuvée juice is isolated, tasted, discussed and analyzed as it begins its long fermentation process.

Riddling over time and disgorgement (the final step before dosing the juice to balance the wine and corking) are mainly done mechanically to ensure consistent quality.

Champagne requires long aging through two or three fermentations and at Michel Fagot the non-vintage Reserve bottles are given a minimum of 4 years in the cellar to enable them to reach their potential and reveal all their aromatic intensity.   Only at this point are the wines finally graded and selected for the brut reserve premier cru.



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