Champagne Collard-Picard Cuvée de Prestige Brut, Case of 6 Bottles


This fabulous champagne which we are delighted to be able to offer is made from Grands and Premier Cru terroir grapes for those years that Olivier Collard thinks are justified. It uses only the juice from the premium pressings (Cœurs de Cuvée and Premiere Cuvée). Cuvée de Prestige benefits from vinification without malolactic fermentation and is matured in vast oak casks over a period of 10 to 15 months followed by four years of blending and three years of ageing in the cellar.  This careful and expensive attention to detail make this blend exceptional and is the reason it won the gold medal award at the International Festival in 2010.

It has a fine, persistent mousse with tiny trails of pinpoint bubbles which show that it has matured longer than usual in the bottle, absorbing all the carbon dioxide from the second fermentation. These small bubbles are not just pleasant to watch but more importantly impart a smooth, creamy, luxurious texture to the palate, something only found in the very best champagnes.


The palate delivers a grand champagne rich and full of both flavour and texture. A lemony start that, expands into apricot and honeyed peach. A touch of both sweet and sour on the finish.


This is a champagne that you can drink now or lay down for several years.  We will be introducing further examples of Collard-Picard over time.


In the words of the Telegraph article about them in 2015 “For [your money] you get a gleaming, quiveringly good chardonnay-based champagne (with 25 per cent pinot meunier and 25 per cent pinot noir). It is both luscious and taut, like a lemon tart from an expensive patisserie, with exquisite pastry and sharp, icing sugar-dusted, filling. In contrast to the nice but forgettable cheap supermarket bottles that have flooded our lives, Collard-Picard Cuvée Prestige pauses the world. A sip is a proper sliver of luxury.

Highly recommended for those that enjoy the best things in life.

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Partner: Collard-Picard
Vintage: Non Vintage
Tasting Notes: A perfect balance of finesse, fruitiness and personality in a high-quality, harmonious Champagne.
Classification: Champagne, Cuvée de Prestige (Coeur and Premier Cuvée)
Grape: Chardonnay (50%), Pinot Noir (25%), Pinot Meunier (25%)
Strength: 12.5%
Serve at: Recommended temperature 6°C
Serve with: Great on its own as an aperitif at any time. This dry, high-quality Champagne will be perfect as an accompaniment to white fish and meats, desserts and firm cheeses.
Soil: A clay-limestone soil on the hillside of Côte des Blancs (Chardonnay, Grand Cru) vineyards and limestone soil in the Marne valley vineyards (Pinot Noir, Premier Cru and Pinot Meunier)
Dosage: 9.5 gr/l sugar
Cultivation: Traditional and careful manual harvesting with grapes sorted at collection and prior to pressing
Vinification: At harvest, grapes are carefully transported to a high technology modern press that manages the pressing with extreme care enabling the premier cuvée to be separated into Coeur de Cuvée and Premier Cuvée before the taille is reached.   The extracted Coeur de Cuvée juice is isolated, tasted, and analyzed as it begins its long fermentation process.  Throughout its maturation, the juice is regularly scrutinised by a small panel of experienced and professional oenologists to monitor its development.

Riddling and disgorgement are both mechanical processes to ensure consistent quality.

Champagne requires long aging through two or three fermentations and at Collard-Picard the first of these is done in the enormous oak containers that allow a tiny degree of oxidation through the barrel to aid fermentation for between 10 and 15 months before being transferred to stainless vats in preparation for blending.   The fermentation process is managed to prevent malolactic fermentation occurring which retains its refreshing acidity in the finished champagne. The juices are blended over an extended period of four years and once blended, they enjoy a further three years of maturing in cellars which softens the acidity prior to disgorging and final bottling.  The final result is a stunning champagne, not too brut, exceptionally fine bulles and a pleasure to taste and drink.



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