Pique Russe

This wonderful winery that has fields in an area known locally as Pique Russe, produces excellent wines in the Charente Maritime but started life as a hobby for three friends at the turn of the century.  After demonstrating their wines at trade shows over a number of years it became clear that their vineyards of non-charentais grape varieties were producing wines of excellent flavour and character.  As the demand for the wine increased it became necessary for one of the three to take the lead and Yves Lageat stopped working, moved from Paris and took up the reins.

The wine is made using extreme traditional techniques including mashing the grapes manually, well by foot actually, wearing hip high rubber boots.  The whole production process is lovingly monitored from start to finish by both Yves and his team.  Yves speaks excellent english so if you have the time visit, you will find an explanation of their processes easy to understand.

Like many of our partners, Yves is passionate about the quality of his wine and for that reason a small section of one of the vineyards is cordoned off to protect the very best producing vines that sit on a section of land that has a slightly higher chalk content.  In exceptional years, this produce is used to make the flagship wine, Le Temps Volé or Stolen Moments.

If the year is not exceptional, just good, these grapes find their way into the production of Pique Russe and in view of the quality of the vines in 2014, the Pique Russe for that year (which will be available late 2016) will be particularly good as Yves decided against using it.  Not because the liquor was not good enough but because 2015 has proved to be even better and as Le temps Volé is so very special he has decided that the 2015 harvest is the one to use.  I cannot wait for it to be bottled.

The last productions of this wine were from the 2005 and 2009 harvests and we are lucky enough to have secured a small quantity of the 2009.  So, give it a try and consider an advance order for the 2017 delivery of the 2015 wine.  It will not disappoint.