Mas Mudigliza

This is the second producer we visited based on the wine we had tasted at our friends Alain and Irene.  Dmitri Glipa has been established at St Paul de Fenuoillet in the Algy valley since 2006 when he bought the land that now produces his sumptuous wines.  Gathering together parcels of land that held wines dating back over 60 years, he started to produce limited quantities of quality wine.

Since then his notoriety has increased such that when we called to sample and buy some wine for our stock, we could not as it had already all been sold!  Fortunately we now have options on his production from 2014 and 2015 which we will begin to stock in October of 2016.

So why do we have part of the site dedicated to him?  Dmitri is another young wine-maker that has started with a vision of quality driven by demanding selection of grapes both at harvest from the vines and later just prior to pressing.  It is this devotion to quality that expanded his fame based entirely on the taste of his excellent wines.

We are taking advanced orders for his wines now so do not miss out, contact us direct and get your order in.  The only other way to get these wines in the UK is to drive there yourself and then you will be disappointed as it will already have been sold again!