Domaine Preignes le Neuf

Preignes le Neuf, Preignes le Vieux, what is going on?  Well these are two domaines that sit side by side, have neighbouring fields and terroir and originally owned 5 generations ago by their great-great-grandfather, they are now separately owned by cousins.  Preignes le Neuf is the smaller producer by far and it is still very much a family business with our visits coordinated with times that they are not out in the fields. But size is not everything.  As much care goes into their production as down the road and in my view, because the family is still so central to the production, the end result is more “au coeur” and less process controlled.  The end result is a small selection of excellent wines made from grapes that benefit from the wonderful sunshine at a price that makes them worth trying.  So do so and surprise yourself at how good they are.

Alongside Preignes le Neuf is the Medheilon range of wines which compete well with our Cuvee du Patron, Petit Pont from the other part of Preignes.  Preignes le Neuf is managed by Beatrice and Medheilan by her sister Christine (ably assisted by their husbands!).

Our visits to Preignes, both le Vieux and le Neuf, are always enjoyable but the kindness of Beatrice and Christine to help us (with cars and trailers as well as wine) has been without exception.  The same kindness filters into their wines which makes them worth sampling.