Domaine de l’Arjolle

The Arjolle Estate began in 1974, driven by two brothers, Prosper and Louis-Marie Teisserenc.  Their objectives from the start were based on quality, diversity, and the production of excellent wine. Today these values continue to dominate the work of the estate.

These two pioneering and visionary brothers focused early on the renewal of vintage varieties, with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Sauvignon Blanc. The relative freedom they enjoyed with the Côtes de Thongue appellation gave them the opportunity to produce vintage and blended wines with both character and charm and their efforts were rewarded with the production of their first vintage in 1978.

Charles Duby and Guilhem de Fozières joined forces with the Arjolle team in 1985.  They brought a deep understanding and experience of production techniques and respect towards their use of the environment which ultimately lead to the Terra Vitis classification (a certificate of sensible agricultural practice).

On a trip to California, Louis-Marie developed a passion for Zinfandel. He then planted a hectare in the Pouzolles community. That’s where the unusual Z of Arjolle was born: the first wine in France made solely from the Zinfandel variety.

Wine matured in oak barrels were added to the range in 1988. and through other members of the family ten new hectares were added from the garrigue to plant Carménère, Muscat Petits-Grains and Viognier. In addition, a high-density plantation test was started using three hectares, with Syrah and Viognier varieties.

Consequently Domaine de l’Arjolle produces a range of wines from a variety of grapes and we have selected two to start with.  They both provide an insight to the quality and depth of flavour that their wines contain and we hope you like them.