Domaine De-Coninck

The De-Coninck family have been making wines for many years and produce in the region of 200,000 bottles a year from their vines.  They were recommended to us by a french friend who bought their wines regularly and from my first taste, I could understand why.  Their wine is subtle and complex, made for drinking as an accompaniment for food.  Indeed, during a conversation with the current owner, Henri De-Coninck, he explained that many wines will be made simply to win medals at competitions but the same wines that win medals often fail to deliver when matched with food.  His philosophy is simple:

“I make wines that are for people to drink with their meals and if that means I do not win any prizes, so be it.”

I agree with him!  His wines are suitable to be drunk as a simple aperitif but truly come into their own when matched with strong flavours of red meats and cheese.  A thoroughly enjoyable wine that you would be pleased to open when entertaining friends.  For its price, it deliver a truly exceptional punch.