Champagne Michel Fagot

With 5 generations behind him, Olivier Fagot (Fa-Go) is a relaxed yet energetic individual committed to maintaining tradition while taking advantage of the best that technology can offer.  The simplest way to know the man is to read his own words comparing his makeup and history with the vines he works with:

Olivier Fagot
Olivier Fagot

“Sharing my family story without sharing my roots would make no sense. The deeper the roots are, the more fascinating the story becomes. Pierre-Gustave, Gaston, Adrien and Michel [his forebears] are, each in thir own way, my roots. They have influenced the man and the accomplished winemaker I am. I got my beautiful mind and my big heart from them’

A family of vignerons that survived the vine’s worst enemy: phylloxera. His great-grandfather marketed resistant American vine cuttings and became one of the first “Récoltant-Manipulant” producers, an important title when exploring the world of champagne.  his grandfather introduced mechanisation while his father, a recognised vine expert and tireless worker, was the Director of Vineyards at Mercier Champagne before taking over the family business to create his own brand. It was his father Michel that first set up a modern disgorging line, an unusual initiative at the time for an independent winemaker.

Philippe Bro de Comeres
Philippe, one of the team

In 1990 Michel handed over the reins to his passionate son Olivier who continued his father’s commitment to develop a strong identity to his wines and the Michel Fagot brand, while still reflecting the purity and expression of their  premier cru terroirs.

Like his ancestors before him, Olivier Fagot is an agrologist and nurseryman, a man of the soil. He lives only for his vineyards and promotes his terroir with passion and conviction.  His passion drives the team he works with, all of whom treated us with patience kindness and respect.

With his biodynamic approach, Olivier aims to develop healthy and natural wines. From early morning he is used to going to the vineyards to taste his grapes, to observe and ensure the healthy develpment of his plots and to adopt and work with the pace of the inspiring nature that surrounds him.

As a Winemaker, Olivier produces champagnes in tune with the mood of the vine making great wines that focus entirely on the quality of the grapes using traditional cultivation techniques that respect sustainable development and which derive their influence from ecological methods.

Olivier has an artistic bent that clearly expresses itself through his creation of wines that inspire thirst, pleasure, delicacy, softness, character and which reflect the minerality of his terroir.

Michel Fagot have 15 hectares over 28 parcels located in the Montagne de Reims, classified as Premier Cru. The hillsides have a south-east exposure that provides excellent conditions for the Pinots Noirs and Pinot Meuniers which enables them to exhibit real finesse in their flavour.

Michel fagot Bureau
The offices in Rilly-la-Montagne

Working with vines that are on average 30 years old they blend the traditional varieties of Chardonnay, (Pinot) Meunier and Pinot Noir to produce excellent champagnes that are produced with full respect for traditional methods in an environmentally-friendly manner.  Their production process tracks their wine from the vineyard to your glass with a rigorous quality system that manages every step of the winemaking process within a protected environment that guarantees champagne lovers with the highest quality products.