In the hills of the Hérault is hidden a small producer who is quite different to any other that I have met.  A vigneron of outstanding quality but also a closet artist that comes out in his website and in the labelling of his wines.  Thankfully, it is also built into the delivery of the wines themselves.

While his family and friends from the café and rugby club still send their grapes to the cooperative, Marc has struck out on his own to produce wines of distinction.  And boy, has he succeeded!

Canet-Valette is different on many levels and Marc Valette has committed his production to follow the most difficult and rigid of all regimes in French wine production to achieve an ECOCERT Bio certification that he has had since 1999.  Nearly all of our producers are keen to work with and develop their environment for themselves and the future but Marc has gone one step beyond.  In Marc’s (translated and paraphrased) words, he does not do it to be clever or to teach others, nor to be political, not even to make a splash in media circles;  he does it simply because he believes it is the best way to make the best wine.

See the tasting notes to get a feel for just how different and exciting his wines are.  I guarantee they will raise as heated a discussion around your table as around ours but whatever our thoughts, one thing is certain, these are wines that stand out for all the right reasons.