The following page links are for the organisations we support or work with.

The first is our own property in France that is available for rent if you want to explore the Charente Maritime region, its Cognacs, beaches and accessibility to the Bordeaux, St Emilion, Sauternes and Medoc wine regions.

The producer partner pages are about the people that supply our wine and we provide them as we hope it gives an insight to their personalities and confidence in trying their products.  They have all been personally selected.

The majority of our producers are small and therefore have little time to concentrate on selling as they are busy with their passion, making the finest wine they can.

Our value added is discovering and then introducing these otherwise unknown wines to our markets.  We are as passionate to bring you their wines as they are to produce them, so the partnership works well.  If you have to work, you might as well do something you are interested in, surrounded by people that believe in the same things that you do.  We are fortunate to have found so many producers with whom we can work in order to bring you some truly different, excellent value for money wines.

Not all our producers are small.  We occasionally find an exceptional wine for its price and our Cuvée du Patron, the Petit Pont range, is an example.  The Vic family produce 4,000,000 bottles a year so they must be doing something right!  We are truly fortunate to have them with us to enable us to sell you a wine that is a consistent excellent quality for a remarkably low price.  At the other end of the scale, Pique Russe are producing only 10,000 bottles a year moving to 15,000 this year thanks to an exceptional vintage.

At 30,000 bottles a year, one other producer is worth bringing to your attention.  Marc Valette at Canet Valette is an artistic producer that has devoted his vineyard to achieving a coveted Bio certification.  All his wines have to be tried but my particular favourite is his Maghani although his Ivresse comes close.  They start with an unusual nose and move on to a very different and quality depth of flavour.  A detour to visit them will not be wasted if you are anywhere near the Hérault.

Irrespective of their size, one thing binds our partners together,  their businesses have deep family origins, they generally still work in the fields and most importantly are passionate about the wine they produce.

Old Cognac DistilleryMM-Exterior-Photos-36-160x120
Canet Valettebandeaucv
Champagne Michel FagotOlivier-Fagot-Cropped
Chateau Lafitte-TestonLaffitte-Teston logo
Chateau Lamothe-DespujolsIMG_0319
Chateau de PenaPena Landscape
Chateau la Tour BlancheTour Blanche barrel room
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Mas KarolinaCaroline Bonville
Mas MudiglizaMas Mudigliza
Pique RusseYves in PR barrel
Preignes le NeufLa Famille
Preignes le Vieuxchateau-preignes-le-vieux