Welcome to Boutique French Wine.

The home of secret French wines from excellent smaller producers rarely available to UK buyers.

boutique (buːˈtiːk) noun

  1. 1.     a small shop selling fashionable items.  (Tha

    Merlot Grape

    t’s us and our Partners)

  2. 2.    a business serving a sophisticated or specialised clientele.  (That’s us serving you, our customers)

We regularly update our news page through our Instagram and Facebook pages.

We also offer certain products at sale prices in conjunction with our partners so keep in touch on a monthly basis via the website, Instagram or Facebook pages to see who we are promoting and what our offers are.

Like our producers, we are a small family business and we are here to help.  If you need any guidance contact us through the contact page, email or just give us a ring and we will do what we can.

Wine is for enjoyment and not intellectualising.  We have tried to keep the information we present simple.  We particularly draw your attention to the Yield information.  This gives an idea of the quality of the wine through its selection process with low yields generally delivering higher quality wines.

Likewise, our tasting advice is simple, I believe that when you find something you like, you should buy it and keep buying it.  Then try something  from the same region or that has a similar grape.  We have added Related Products on each product page to guide you if you want to be adventurous.

Sauvignon Grape

Taste is subjective and highly influenced by what we are doing when drinking our wine and your opinion will be different to ours for every wine listed here but they are all wines that we have carefully and personally selected because they have great flavour and represent tremendous value for money.  We will continue to scour the regions for more quality wines (it’s a tough job but someone has to do it) to bring you new producers and fine wines each year.  This year we are concentrating on organic producers in the Bordeaux region.

We really hope you enjoy the wines you buy from us and that you will add your comments to the review section on each wine.  Finally, please note that to keep shipping costs per bottle to a minimum, wines should be ordered in multiples of 6 but you can mix and match in any quantity within that limitation.